Promotion Video (in English)

※ Please note that this video outputs the synthesized voice from the middle.


Do you know Japanese Light Novel ?

Light Novel is one of the Japanese culture alongside anime and manga.

This app presents the introduction information of latest Japanese books that are downloaded from the Rakuten Books and so on. You can also download your favorite sample illustrations of the light novel into photos app and enjoy looking at the images. You can also listen the introduction sentences of the book by Japanese speech synthesis.

Please look for your favorite books from the many latest light novel using this app and enjoy.

I have prepared a promotional video. Please look the video if you want to know much more. Please note that the video contains sounds of Japanese speech synthesis demo.

There is also TSRBooksLE of the lite edition at a low price. Please consider purchasing the edition which you want.

There is also TSRBooks of the standard edition with no restrictions. TSRBooksLE of the lite edition is limited to the light novel, there are advertisements in iAD, there is no synchronization feature of iCloud, there is no split view on iPad, there is no 64bit support, however it is low price. Please consider purchasing the edition which you want.


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