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About TSNews

This is a practical iOS application of Japanese text-to-speech which obtains RSS feeds of recent Japanese NHK News and speaks articles in Japanese Language. Probably you can use this application for Japanese Learning, and so on.

The Japanese text-to-speech engine that is included in this application has been developed independently by our company. Still day and night, we are improving this text-to-speech engine, aiming for high-quality voice at resource conversation.

This is universal app for both the iPhone and the iPad. When you launch this app on the iPad, it shows both a list view of articles and a content view of article on a SplitView for the iPad, so it will be easier to use.

You can mark favorite and checked on news articles to remember, and you can share the marks in some iOS devices with iCloud.

This application supports background audio mode such as screen lock. You can use remote controller in order to control play, pause and move news articles.


TSNews has two versions. One is normal version and another is Limited (Lite) version as following.

Function Comparison
No.Item NormalLite
1Sites Count 8 (Editable) 4 (Fixed)
2iPad SplitView YESNO
3iCloud YESNO

In the normal version, you can use editable 8 sites. However in the lite version, you can use only 4 sites that will be changed everyday corresponding to the day of the week.

Normal version is universal application for both iPhone and iPad. We design on SplitView for iPad in addition to iPhone, so much useful.

Normal version supports iCloud synchronous function. If you have two or more iOS devices, you can share favorite and checked marks in some iOS devices.


We has developed our own original Japanese Text To Speech System, referring to Bibliographies showing later. In order to use on iOS environment, we reduce memory consumption and CPU processing time as much as possible.

Word Dictionary
File Size2.2MB
Wave Dictionary
Speaker1 Male (Developer)
FormatLinear PCM
File Size1.8MB


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